Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Week at the CCM

Hola Familia! and friends! How is everyone this week?

Well, I have unsuccessfully escaped the CCm without getting sick... my whole district got a bug, but I was hit the worst. I am so lucky to have these girls as my district though because I was taken care of!

So guess what... this will be my last email I send from the CCM because in exactly one week I will be in Cusco! Yep, the time has finally come to start the real adventure. Id be lying if I said I am not the least bit nervous to be thrown into the real missionary world. I know a ton more spanish than I did my first day, but I still feel like such a beginner. Which I am! I have to tell myself all the time its only been 6 weeks. Theres no way I can be fluent, but it is scary to go out and start teaching for real with very limited Spanish. But I am super super anxious to be in Cusco and experience the REAL missionary life. Its funny to think I have been a missionary for a month and a half, but I only know what missionary life is like in the CCM- not the field where all the real stuff happens! We watched a talk from Elder Quentin L. Cook on Sunday and he was saying sometimes we will feel inaduquate in our callings, he said he even feels like he isnt good enough to be an Apostle and that Elder Packer doesnt even know why he was called to be an apostle, so if they feel like they arent good enough I shouldnt have to worry too much about how I feel as a missionary. I have a testimony, a love for this gospel, Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father and a desire to learn and teach people. That is all I really need to be able to then let the Lord stretch me and help me grow into the missionary he wants me to be. For the first little while I just need to be a Christlike example, alway strive to have the spirit with me so that it can work through me, and of course study and work hard.

Tender mercies like crazy this week! At the beginning of the week I was kinda having a trial of not feeling like God was answering my prayers and I just wanted to feel loved and at peace. So one morning I was just not feeling well at all, but I knew I needed to suck it up and teach. Hna. Arroyo and I went and taught an investigator and I tried to lead the lesson, but I started struggling with my Spanish and I was getting frustrated so I stopped and just tried to feel the spirit. I then told our investigator that I would not be here in Peru if I did not think that what I was trying to teach her was true. She looked at me and said that while we were teaching and testifying, she could feel that God is close to us, that he is near and that she can see a light in us. I couldnt help but cry and tell her that she had just been an answer to my prayers. I gained a testimony that sometimes even those that we teach can be the ones to teach us. Another morning my whole district was kinda in a funk and we were all not feeling too good so class was extra hard to pay attention and focus. Then we were told that over 60 kids from different wards around Lima were coming in and we would be sharing our testimonies to them. All of them were in between 7 and 18 years old. Our teacher had us share our testimonies and then some of them shared their testimonies and then we got to go and greet them all and they all just ran up to us and were giving us kisses and asking for pictures and it was the happiest thing ever! My face literally hurt from how much I was smiling! Then some of their leaders would come up and kiss us and just tell us thank you. Afterwards, our teacher talked to us about how here, members look at missionaries as angels to them and their country. It felt so good to hear that and it just makes me want to work harder. She also talked about how Jesus Christ is the light of the world- we are representatives of Christ, therefore, we are the light of the world. So cool to think about!

I have noticed a big difference in my studying the Book of Mormon since I got here. At home I would read my scriptures with the family, for Book of Mormon class, or to say that I had done my scripture study for the day. I have always known that the Book is true, I never really doubted it. However- since I have been here I am studying the Book of Mormon like I have never done before. As I am reading, the stories are coming alive and I just want to keep reading! When I read, I feel like I am gaining witness after witness that there is no way that the Book of Mormon is not true. I can feel so much love from Heavenly Father every time I open the book. This book is So powerful! It really has changed me. I know that anyone that reads it will gain their own witness that it is true through the feelings they experience while pondering it. God wants us to gain a witness of this amazing book, it is meant for us! Those prophets did not write in that book to just write down things that happened to them like an ordinary journal, they were writing on the plates knowing that it was for us in this day and that we need their words to help us in our lives. Whenever I am wanting to feel my Saviors love for me, I open my Book of Mormon and I immediately feel loved and comforted. I just want to go door to door and give every single person their own copy and tell them that book is literally the word of God and it will change their life! No matter what is happening in your life- if you are sick, lonely, need to feel loved by someone, want to know if God is really there, if you wonder if you are where God wants you to be, if you need help in school, if you need to feel self worth, if you just want to know the truth, this book has the power to help you through any situation that you might be in. I PROMISE YOU. The Book of Mormon is true- read it!

Alright, sorry about the novel this week- but I wont email for two weeks so I had to get it all in there! I am so excited to be able to skype or call you soon and from Cusco!!! I love you all MUCHO!!! Have an amazing week! Thank you for all the prayers- for being so far away, I also feel so close. You mean the world to me.

Love always and forever,
Hermana Kenzie Hunter

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I can't believe it's been 1 month!

**Hermana Hunter has requested for letters to no longer be sent to her MTC address, but rather her address for while she is in the field because she only has about two weeks left in the MTC!


Wow I love those Easter pictures!! Everyone is dying over my model family.

Ok this week was SOO GOOD!!! We got to go proselyting all day in the Lima North mission! It was about an hour bus ride and I got put with a super cute girl from Argentina as my companion. She spoke different spanish and spoke really fast so it was a little challenging, but I made it!!

So we had two members and a teacher go with us and they were super nice, but I felt so awkward as they were all walking together speaking Spanish and I could only pick out a couple words here and there because of how fast they were talking! So I was walking kinda alone and I started to get really nervous, but all of a sudden this wave of love came over me and I knew I wasnt alone, the Savior and my Heavenly Father were right there with me to help me. And they did! We taught two less actives, and actually got let into three non member homes! My favorite part of the whole day was when my good friend from BYU, Elder Beau Sittion, led us to this home of a family that was on top of the mountain and they always try and visit with, but are never let inside. Side note- the further up the mountain you get, the more and more poor it is. It was the most poverty I have ever seen! So my companion and I went to the door and this little girl came to the window which had bars over it and we asked her if we could speak to her mom and she told us she wasnt there even though I could see her in the kitche. So we asked the little girl if we could speak to her. Her name is Mart and she is 7 years old. My companion looked at me and said, ok you teach her. I had the two members, the ccm teacher, my companion, my friend, and his companion all behind me as I taught this little girl in the limited spanish I know. So I pulled out a picture of Jesus and asked her if she knew who it was, she smiled and said Jesus. Then I asked her if she knows who God is, she just smiled. I then told her that God is her loving Heavenly Father, Jesus is her brother and that they both love her very much. I then asked Marta if she has ever prayed or if she knows how to pray, she said no so I told her that prayer is how we talk to God and that He wants us to pray to him. I then taught this little 7 year old girl how to pray and then we said a prayer together, I gave her the restoration pamphlet and told her to have her family read it together and then she can teach everyone how to pray. I was overwhelmed at how much I felt Gods love for this little girl. I thought of Maggie and how she is a daughter of God, how I am a daughter of God, Marta is a daughter of God, we ALL are children of God.

The last lesson of the day was with a non memeber woman that did not want to talk to us, but still let us inside. We sat down and I asked her what is most important to her, she started talking and I could not understand anything she was saying, I started getting a little nervous and then I felt prompted to tell her that God loves her and that she is His daughter. By accepting the gospel, she can live with God again along with her family for all eternity. This woman then started sobbing and went on to say more that I wish so badly I could understand, but I was confident that the Lord led me to what I should tell that woman. We sang families can be together forever in Spanish and I felt the spirit flood the room. I am so thankful for this Gospel and for the blessings it brings to my life. I was reminded once again why I want to be here serving a mission.

Easter Sunday was the best! We got to hear from so many apostels! There is too much to say, but to sum it up, I felt so beyond loved by my Savior, the prophet and his apostles, and my family and the other missionaries on Easter. For dinner we got the straws and the egg you sent mom and had a super festive Easter dinner! Everyone says thank you Easter bunny momma Hunter!!!!
Yo se que La Iglesia de Jesucristo es verdadera. Yo se El Libro de Mormon es verdadero y El Evangelio de Jesucristo fue restaurado por medio de Jose Smith. Yo se Dios envio a Su hijo, Jesucristo y El sufrio y muerio por nuestros pecados. Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre y somos Sus hijos. Este conocimiento ayuda me superar desafios y vivir feliz. Este es mi testimonio.

I love you all and pray for you everyday!
Love always and forever,
Hermana Hunter

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Third Week Down


Can you believe it, I am half way done with the CCM! It is so exciting, but so so scary at the same time.

This week was a big test. It was a really hard week with lessons and learning the language. We got two new investigators this week and one of them has really put my companion and I to the test to say the least. His Spanish is the most difficult thing to understand and he asks the most insane questions that I barely know how to answer in English let alone Spanish. So one morning we taught Carlos and the lesson just went in one big circle and it did not feel good. My companion and I walked outside and just started to cry. Its frustrating to feel like you didnt do as well as you know you could have. So I decided to pull out those talks and quotes grandma gave me and I started reading them out loud to my comp. It made us feel a lot better. Our zone leaders elder Livingston and elder Paramore saw us crying and came over to us and started pulling out their quotes and Hna Davis and Purse joined in as well. Everyone here is so nice and knows how to lift you up and make you feel so much better. Satan is going to give us bad days out here to make us doubt ourselves as missionaries, but I just keep thinking that If I just trust and rely on the Lord, especially when things arent going well, I can overcome anything. That night at about 9pm a man walked into my classroom and handed me a package from my family! It was the greatest tender mercy and it was the best day to have recieved that package so thank you thank you thank you!!

No one in my district, or even other districts has gotten anything, so I promised I would share my Easter candy so we can all have a little taste of home on Easter.

So our other investigator is Gisel. He has many addictions but wants a change in his life. So in the third lesson I was talking to him about the word of wisdom and the importance of repentance and baptism, the Spanish was coming to me like never before and it was amazing! Out of no where I just asked him to get baptised and he looked at me with wide eyes and then said YES! It is my third baptism committment here and it feels so good. I just bore my testimony about how God is always there for us and there is no such thing as too much sin to repent for and become clean again. The power that was in that room was awesome. It made me feel so excited to be doing this for 18 months!

We have a new group of missionaries so we got new roommates and guess what, they are Latinas! Our Spanish is really being put to the test. One of the new Latinas is like my best friend. Shes from Mexico and reminds me of a Disney Princess. Whenever Hna Baptista sees me she calls me her barbie doll, never had that compliment before,  and her love. I love her so much.

So the President over all the international MTCs is here! On sunday he spoke to us and my district got to sing the musical number and we sang the song grandma gave me before I left! Its The sisters in zion and Army of helamen mash up for missionaries and it was the coolest thing. Also, on Sunday I got asked by my branch president to be the President of my district since we are all Hermanas. yikes. It is fun though!!
Well That is all for this week! I love you all so much and I hope things are going well back at home! Have a great Easter this Sunday!!!

Love always and forever,
    Hermana Hunter

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Intermediate Group!

"I missed you, so I bought a Coke to feel close to you! Love you Mommy!"

Hi everyone!! 

Two weeks down! I am now in the intermediate group which is crazy. Well the rumor is true- everyone gets sick here! I must be extra blessed because I am one of the few that has not gotten sick.. yet.. We even had to take a survey about how much we go to the bathroom. So something super cool is President Monsons grandson has been here at the CCM! He left this morning though for the field so now I can share the secret. 

So this week was crazy. We are basically being thrown into deep water and we just have to learn how to swim. Afte rteaching our first lesson in Spanish, which I felt went horrible, our teacher had us teach the latino missionaries.. yikes. It was so bad. They speak so fast and you just sit there and try and pick out as many words as you can. I felt so frustrated with my Spanish after that and I was feeling down on myself so I decided to say a prayer. I immediately felt at ease and decided for our next lesson, my companion and I should go in with no notes to help us in our Spanish and that we should totally rely on the spirit. I went in feeling super calm and guess what, best lesson ever! It went so well. I bore my testimony in Spanish and felt this burning in my heart that what I was saying was true. I have learned a lot this past week about relying on the spirit and God for help.

So the next day we taught our investigator, Arecelly. I thought that my companion and I did ok with our Spanish, but that we still had a lot of improving. Well after the lesson our teacher pulled us aside and asked how we felt the lesson went. I said I thought we got our message across as best as we could in what Spanish we know. My teacher smiled then said "I sat there in shock with how much Spanish you were using and how very clear I could understand you" Prayer is real, I know that it is because I pray every day that God will help me with my Spanish so that I can be a tool in His hands.

Yes- Conference! Who knew conference could feel like Christmas! It was the best to not have class and just be spiritually fed. Sunday night we had another testimony meeting outside with the advanced group and we talked about what messages we loved in conference. We all noticed that this conference felt like a big warning about how we are truly in the last days and life is going to get scary, we are going to have to defend our faith, and it is so important to keep the commandments read our scriptures and pray. If we do then we dont have to be afraid because we will be "safely guided home:" We dont have to fear when the Lord is on our side!

Something fun that we started doing everyday is all North Americans during physical activity play ultimate football. The Latinos watch and cheer us on. Its one big sports event! It really is so fun. Also, my didtrict and I found a stress reliever.. singing disney in our rooms. We have a keyword for when we just want to let go for a little, its the best!

Highlight of the week was my companion and I got our investigator Karen to commit to baptism!! Best day ever!!

Last night was really sad because we had to say goodbye to the advanced group. Just recently the new president made a rule that we cant sing and a tradition in the MTC anywhere is that you sing God be with you til we meet again. So last night all the sisters and elders gathered on the third floor of our dorms where we just have this thin door seperating the girls and boys and we sang through the door. The lationos sang in Spanish and we sang in English. It was amazing. Its crazy how close we all get in just two weeks. We kinda become family out here because we dont have our real families with us.

I love being a missionary in the most exciting time for our church. The blessing I have felt and recieved are amazing. Thank you for your prayers, I feel them every day!!
I love you all! Until next week..

Love always and forever,
      Hermana Hunter

Girl power! Only district of all Hermanas!

My comp and I!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hola Familia! How is everyone? So I am in Lima! But some news- my mission has been switched! I will now be serving in the jungle of Iquitos! Crazy huh?! Ok so much to say!

At the airport I met up with 12 other missionaries- three elders and the rest sisters. We all looked scared out of our minds, but we were in it together! We got off our flight and headed straight to the CCM and finally arrived at 2am! They do not know how to drive here so Hermana Shill and I were holding onto each other the whole way there! Day one at the CCM was a lot to take in! We finally got our badges and oh my goodnes, BEST feeling in the world! I immediately felt so much love from my Heavenly Father once i put on the badge. Officially Hermana Hunter! My companion is Hna. Arroyo- yep the girl from the youtube video! So funny! Our branch president made me senior companion! yay! My roomies are the best. Hna. Bean and Truman are the older girls that leave next week and Hna. Truman is from Australia so we make her talk all the time. Then theres my comp and me and Hna. Davis and Hna. Purse. We are all crazy and weird so we are always having a good time together. We met the CCM president and his wife and something that Pres. Gonzales said something that stuck with me. He said "God will test you in the CCM to see if He can trust you in the field." So I really am trying my hardest every day to become a bettter missionary, even when it is reallly hard. My district is the first all Hna. district! GIRL POWER!! We have too much fun together and both our teachers are women so it really is the best. The food here is mostly good- we dont really ask what we are eating and even president doesnt know what the juices are half the time. So there is this group of 3 elders that are in the intermediate group that have been messing with me from day 1. I must have a target on my back or something because not a day goes by that they play a joke on me. Its fun though we are all best friends already! 

So it really hit me hard this week that I am a real missionary. I have been set apart as a full time missionary to be a representative of Christ and bring others unto Him. I love this feeling, it really is the BEST feeling in the world! So here at the CCM there is only 84 of us. A lot of them are Lationo and Latinas. Every day my comp. and I sit with the Latinas and try our best to talk to them. They are the cutest and funniest girls ever! I love them so so much! I learn a lot from them too and I will be sad when they leave in a week! From day 1 our classes have been in ALL SPANISH. Yep. No english. Its stressful, but we have already learned so much. I understand a lot more than I can speak, and I am surprised at how much Spanish I can remember! But I know its because the Lord is with me. Even though I am constantly stressed in class, I feel this peace and comfort through it all and I know its my Heavenly Father helping me every step of the way. I felt it since I got on my flight. I am never alone and I have never been SO happy and felt so sure that this is where I am supposed to be. All the Hnas. in my district struggle with Spanish and its awesome because we just laugh through our pain. We all make it better by singing songs from Frozen, Sound of Music or joking around. Needless to say, we all go to bed giggling. 

Sunday was the BEST day! It was fast Sunday and oh my- you get a room full of about 50 missionaries and have them bear their testimonies... the spirit was so amazingly strong I was just crying the whole time. That night all the Norte Americanos gathered together outside and we had another testimony meeteing- seriously just a huge spiritual boost. We all struggle with similar things, but we all know that since we have the Lord on our side everything will be OK! Monday we went to immigrations and the guy literally just dropped us off and said he would be back later. So we all gathered together and I said a prayer for the group of us 12 missionaries and we were so blessed! we somehow communicated with the Immigration people and even got TWO INVESTIGATORS! One from Brazil and another guy was a worker there. We shared a scripture, pamphlets and they both want to learn more and meet with missionaries! That made all of us so excited to get into the field, but we kinda need to learn more Spanish first. 

This morning we woke up at 5:30 and went to the temple. So cute and small! All in Spanish, but the spirit there was the same. No matter where we are in the world, the gospel is the SAME! I love it here so much. We ride on these buses and we have to cram in there and hold on to the bars for our dear lives and hope that the driver doesnt kill us since no one can drive here, but the whole time we are just laughing our heads off because we are flying all over the bus! We also visited this place called Tittos which is like a nicer version of walmart. On our way there I asked Elder Livingstone if hes been proposed to yet and he said no, but that man wants to marry you and I looked over and this short Peruvian man was full on staring at me and said "Now that is a beautiful woman" All 18 of us just busted out laughing. These people make us all stand out too much! but I love Peru already. It is beautiful and so are the people! and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I love you all and I hope everyone is doing well.

Ive had eternity to prepare for my mission and I will have eternity to reflect on my mission, but I only have 18 months to live my mission!

love always,
   Hermana Hunter