Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Intermediate Group!

"I missed you, so I bought a Coke to feel close to you! Love you Mommy!"

Hi everyone!! 

Two weeks down! I am now in the intermediate group which is crazy. Well the rumor is true- everyone gets sick here! I must be extra blessed because I am one of the few that has not gotten sick.. yet.. We even had to take a survey about how much we go to the bathroom. So something super cool is President Monsons grandson has been here at the CCM! He left this morning though for the field so now I can share the secret. 

So this week was crazy. We are basically being thrown into deep water and we just have to learn how to swim. Afte rteaching our first lesson in Spanish, which I felt went horrible, our teacher had us teach the latino missionaries.. yikes. It was so bad. They speak so fast and you just sit there and try and pick out as many words as you can. I felt so frustrated with my Spanish after that and I was feeling down on myself so I decided to say a prayer. I immediately felt at ease and decided for our next lesson, my companion and I should go in with no notes to help us in our Spanish and that we should totally rely on the spirit. I went in feeling super calm and guess what, best lesson ever! It went so well. I bore my testimony in Spanish and felt this burning in my heart that what I was saying was true. I have learned a lot this past week about relying on the spirit and God for help.

So the next day we taught our investigator, Arecelly. I thought that my companion and I did ok with our Spanish, but that we still had a lot of improving. Well after the lesson our teacher pulled us aside and asked how we felt the lesson went. I said I thought we got our message across as best as we could in what Spanish we know. My teacher smiled then said "I sat there in shock with how much Spanish you were using and how very clear I could understand you" Prayer is real, I know that it is because I pray every day that God will help me with my Spanish so that I can be a tool in His hands.

Yes- Conference! Who knew conference could feel like Christmas! It was the best to not have class and just be spiritually fed. Sunday night we had another testimony meeting outside with the advanced group and we talked about what messages we loved in conference. We all noticed that this conference felt like a big warning about how we are truly in the last days and life is going to get scary, we are going to have to defend our faith, and it is so important to keep the commandments read our scriptures and pray. If we do then we dont have to be afraid because we will be "safely guided home:" We dont have to fear when the Lord is on our side!

Something fun that we started doing everyday is all North Americans during physical activity play ultimate football. The Latinos watch and cheer us on. Its one big sports event! It really is so fun. Also, my didtrict and I found a stress reliever.. singing disney in our rooms. We have a keyword for when we just want to let go for a little, its the best!

Highlight of the week was my companion and I got our investigator Karen to commit to baptism!! Best day ever!!

Last night was really sad because we had to say goodbye to the advanced group. Just recently the new president made a rule that we cant sing and a tradition in the MTC anywhere is that you sing God be with you til we meet again. So last night all the sisters and elders gathered on the third floor of our dorms where we just have this thin door seperating the girls and boys and we sang through the door. The lationos sang in Spanish and we sang in English. It was amazing. Its crazy how close we all get in just two weeks. We kinda become family out here because we dont have our real families with us.

I love being a missionary in the most exciting time for our church. The blessing I have felt and recieved are amazing. Thank you for your prayers, I feel them every day!!
I love you all! Until next week..

Love always and forever,
      Hermana Hunter

Girl power! Only district of all Hermanas!

My comp and I!

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