Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Third Week Down


Can you believe it, I am half way done with the CCM! It is so exciting, but so so scary at the same time.

This week was a big test. It was a really hard week with lessons and learning the language. We got two new investigators this week and one of them has really put my companion and I to the test to say the least. His Spanish is the most difficult thing to understand and he asks the most insane questions that I barely know how to answer in English let alone Spanish. So one morning we taught Carlos and the lesson just went in one big circle and it did not feel good. My companion and I walked outside and just started to cry. Its frustrating to feel like you didnt do as well as you know you could have. So I decided to pull out those talks and quotes grandma gave me and I started reading them out loud to my comp. It made us feel a lot better. Our zone leaders elder Livingston and elder Paramore saw us crying and came over to us and started pulling out their quotes and Hna Davis and Purse joined in as well. Everyone here is so nice and knows how to lift you up and make you feel so much better. Satan is going to give us bad days out here to make us doubt ourselves as missionaries, but I just keep thinking that If I just trust and rely on the Lord, especially when things arent going well, I can overcome anything. That night at about 9pm a man walked into my classroom and handed me a package from my family! It was the greatest tender mercy and it was the best day to have recieved that package so thank you thank you thank you!!

No one in my district, or even other districts has gotten anything, so I promised I would share my Easter candy so we can all have a little taste of home on Easter.

So our other investigator is Gisel. He has many addictions but wants a change in his life. So in the third lesson I was talking to him about the word of wisdom and the importance of repentance and baptism, the Spanish was coming to me like never before and it was amazing! Out of no where I just asked him to get baptised and he looked at me with wide eyes and then said YES! It is my third baptism committment here and it feels so good. I just bore my testimony about how God is always there for us and there is no such thing as too much sin to repent for and become clean again. The power that was in that room was awesome. It made me feel so excited to be doing this for 18 months!

We have a new group of missionaries so we got new roommates and guess what, they are Latinas! Our Spanish is really being put to the test. One of the new Latinas is like my best friend. Shes from Mexico and reminds me of a Disney Princess. Whenever Hna Baptista sees me she calls me her barbie doll, never had that compliment before,  and her love. I love her so much.

So the President over all the international MTCs is here! On sunday he spoke to us and my district got to sing the musical number and we sang the song grandma gave me before I left! Its The sisters in zion and Army of helamen mash up for missionaries and it was the coolest thing. Also, on Sunday I got asked by my branch president to be the President of my district since we are all Hermanas. yikes. It is fun though!!
Well That is all for this week! I love you all so much and I hope things are going well back at home! Have a great Easter this Sunday!!!

Love always and forever,
    Hermana Hunter

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