Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Mission Week 8

Hi! Oh man what a week... we had zero success some days and a lot of success other days. It is hard opening a new sector, but it is also and adventure! 

So we have been working with this investigador named Moises, he is 25 and so awesome. Our first lesson with him he told us he wants to get baptized but he feels that something is holding him back. It really hurts to see the adversary working so hard on these people with such a desire to change their lives. Well Moises is very hard for me to understand, but I just tried so hard to focus on the promptings of the spirit and it really is the best way! I shared a scripture with him from Alma 32 21 and he told me that it really helped him! The next lesson we had with him we talked a lot about faith and how the right way is not always the easy way. At the end we asked him to have faith and set a date and a goal to be baptized and he said yes! He made the goal to be baptized this coming Saturday! The sad part is, he did not come to church yesterday so he has to wait another week. We had a very serious talk about the sabbath day and I felt so guided by the spirit! I was really involved in the lesson and it felt so good! But he is still getting baptized and we are so excited!

My favorite part of the week was the other day when we had our first lesson with our new investigator Elbia. She is 24 with two kids and a single mom. We were walking to a cita and saw her in front of her little tienda and I felt the strongest impression to go talk to her, good thing because it was the most amazing lesson! We planned to visit another day and then we planned to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but when we got there and started asking her questions we were guided to teach the Plan of Salvation. Oh wow am I grateful for this plan! It was amazing because my Spanish was actually the best it has been and I got to share most of what was in my heart. I kept asking her how she felt about things after we talked about each part like the atonement, the ressurecction and all of that and she would just say I feel better and I feel calm. I was getting so excited! Then I talked to her about the things that she needs to do on earth in order to get to the Celestial Kindom, which she was so excited to learn about. She told us she did not know what would happen after this life and to see her face light up while teaching her that life on earth is not the end was amazing! I asked her where she thinks she is on the steps to returning to live with God and her family and she said faith in Jesus Christ. I then felt so strongly prompted and just asked her... will you exercise your faith and be baptized? she jumped a little then looked up and me and said YES! Ah it was th best because it was the first lesson! It just proved to me that some people are so ready for the gospel and have been waithing for this message of hope all their lives. I really got to reflect on how much I have been blessed in my life. Especially when we walk into these peoples homes that sometimes dont have roofs, dirt floors, sometimes even blankets for walls. It is so poor here, but it has been the most humbling experience for me already.

We also got interviews from President this week which is always the best! We talked about faith in a way that I have never talked about. Have you ever imagined faith as something you could reach over and grab off the table? I had not. But faith is something a lot of us do not have enough of. There are three levels of faith. the first level being a wishful or hopeful faith. Too many of us are at this level. We hope for things to happen or hope for God to bless us with something. This is not enough. The next level is a little better, but still more hopeful. The top level is where we need to be. It is the expectant faith. I expect for this to happen, I expect that I will recieve this. This does not mean we can not do our part or that God will maybe change His mind on something, because all thimgs are according to His will since He is the one with a plan for us, but if we have more of an expectant faith, it will change our lives.

Something else is we are taught to teach our investigators inspired questions, but have you ever thought to ask yourself inspired questions? probably not. But we need to! If we will ask ourselves inspired questions like Am I the manner of missionary, mom, husband, friend, sibling, priesthood holder I want to be? You can ask yourself this question for whatever title you have, You can also ask, have I done something today that has strengthened my faith? Do I have the relationship with my Heavenly Father that I desire to have? If we will ask ourselves inspired questions, it will change our lives!

Well I love you all. This week I have been especially grateful for the family and friends that I have in my life. Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers. I pray for you all every day as well!!!
Ps that little old lady I told you about that ignores us, well I shared my favorite scripture with her and every day we pass by her she smiles and strikes up conversations now!!! the gospel changes people!
Love always,
Hermana Hunter

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