Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A week of miracles and adventures

"It has been a little over two months, but i thought it was perfect!"

Hola!!! How is everyone doing?! I hope all is going well.

Ok wow what a week!!! First of all, we arent homeless anymore! We finally moved into our own house that is actually in our sector and we share it with Hermana Allred and Hermana Purse! We have the best view of the lake and we can see Bolivia and the floating islands from our room! But.. remember how when I was getting my mission call how I said I wanted to shower out of a bucket? Well we didnt have water or a shower in the house for pretty much all week so on Friday I could not handle being dirty anymore so I showered out of a bucket! Oh it was an adventure... Also my companion and Hermana Allred and Hermana Rassmussen left for Lima this morning so I am in a trio with Hermana Purse from the CCM and the cutest Latina Hermana Olivaras. Hermana Purse and I are excited to put our spanish to the test and really learn more spanish since we basically just know Gospel talk.

Ok so I think I told you how we found a woman named Gina with cancer and how it is hard for her someimes to believe in God? Well we finally got anoher appointment with her and a lot of her family was there visiting so we got to teach all of them! It was so cool. We taught about how families can be together forever and what we need to do on Earth in order to be an eternal family. It was such a special lesson, especially after finding out about great  grandma. Gina then told us that she has always seen other missionaries walk past her door but none of them ever knocked, we were the first and it was when she needed us the most. All of us agreed that God had sent us to her at this specific time for a reason. We went back to her house on Saturday with the elders to give her a blessing of health and oh my goodness, I felt myself burning with the spirit the whole time. It was amazing. The blessing told her that if she has faith, she will be abled to be healed to her hearts desire and that she will be able to take care of her family. It then turned to a blessing of comfort that said God has sent her to the earth for a reason and is wants her to participate in the ordinances of the gospel. I know that this is the family we have been praying for. They are all so ready for this message, you can literally see it in their faces. I love this family and I know that the gospel is already blessing them so much. It is the most incredible thing to see people change when they are taught the gospel. I am reminded everyday how amazing and perfect this gospel is. And I know without a doubt it is TRUE.
Also, one night we were looking for this one house and decided to knock on a different door and we found an old man and his wife who are members, but the wife is less active because she cant walk. We asked if we could come in and share a message and it was the most humbling experience by far. They live in the most poverty I have ever seen. Their house is one tiny room wit a tiny bed and a tiny little electric stove that we us for camping and their floor is all dirt. All they have to eat are potatoes and they only have very few clothes. The Hermana told us how she tries to walk but it hurts and she feels dizzy. Sometimes it is hard for her to have faith. She sees other people walking and wishes she could walk and she just cried in our arms saying she cant go to the doctor because her husband doesnt have a job. I just cried with her and we taught how the gospel is the greatest message of joy because this life is so short and as long as we do our part, we will have eternal happiness in the presence of God and with our families.
I am so beyond grateful for the gospel in my life, a loving family, a comfortable life, and a healthy body. This week I really have been able to think how blessed I truly am. It makes me want to work so hard and serve with so much love because I have been blessed and I want to help bless the lives of the beautiful people here in Puru. The people in Puno may be hard hearted, but I love them and this gospel has softened many of their hearts.
I love you all!! Remember how much we have been blessed and try to serve as much as you can because it brings the most amount of true happiness!!!

Love always and forever,
      Hermana Hunter

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