Monday, September 8, 2014

Rollar Coaster

I dont know if I spelled that right, Im kinda loosing English and spelling is horrible all the time now, sorry! Anyways, ok well this week was a crazy one.

  I started off the week on exchanges with Hermana Olivaras and shes from the jungle and super tiny so everyone thought it was so funny- us walking around together. Anyways, well one of her investigators left her key in her room and so we were locked out and Hna. Olivaras decided to climb through the window! I held her up and pushed her through as the investigator just sat there and stared. I was laughing so hard. It was quite the sight. But then we also visited this woman that had an artificial heart and she didnt get it replaced so now she is partly parylized and can barely talk, and her mom kept telling us she is going to die. I was overwhelmed with love for this woman immediately! She would always look over at me and just smiled and I would smile back, that was all she could do and it wasnt even a full smile, but you could feel that we were communicating through simple body language. We then sang some hymns to comfort her and her mom and it was so powerful! I was so grateful in that moment to know that one day she will have a perfect body and live without pain. I am so thankful for the gospel message and the hope it brings!

  So the funniest lesson, oh my. We went to visit a less active woman and she told us her non member uncle was going to join us- well he stormed into the room holding his bible, opened it up and said "Tonight I would like to share a message from the bible" whipps out this message about giving up your life for your friends and had me then share my thoughts on it. Well I related to Jesus Christ and his atonement and how he is our best friend and he gave his life for us because he loves us and we can trust in him and that he knows us more than anyone. Well every other couple words I said this man would shout "AMEN hermana hunter! Amen!!" "Amen halleluya!!" I was trying not to laugh and trying to really testify! Oh my it was pretty funny. 

  Well then the week went really interesting. I went back to my sector and companion and we were in weekly planning and we just poured out our hearts to each other. We both have been struggling with getting answers to prayers and feeling Gods love, it has been SO hard and I have been trying to just figure out whats wrong and figure it out on my own, but I found out my companion was struggling too. We talked for hours about the atonement, obedience, repentance, and what might help us. We then decided to get blessing from our zone leader. Well we basically got the SAME blessing and it left us so confused and I hate to say it, but comfortless. My companion then kinda broke down, and I lifted her up and said "For some reason God has given us this trial, for some reason to the both of us, for some reason He can not help us the way we need Him to help us right now. There is something we have to learn from this, we have to grow." It is sometimes so hard thought to really accept challenges that come our way. Its hard when I only have God to rely on and sometimes He cant come to my rescue. Sometimes I cant help but ask "why? wnhy this? why now?" The trials come, and even though we may feel so weak, we have to realize that we are strong and that we can only become stronger. After that, we had consejo de barrio and we walked in and ALL the members were being so cold to us and just straight up rude, my companion kinda went "this is just icing on the cake" it was really hard, we have no idea what we did wrong, but something was off. Its God handing us more trials, but I know that I must be strong, I know that I can do this. I know that there is something that we have to learn right now.

  But I do have an announcement, yesterday in church Elmer asked me for my parents response about his baptism - he has been out of town all week- I sat him down and told him that he should be baptized now, because there is something greater ahead. The temple is the real goal for all of us, to make the most sacred covenants. I told him to be baptized now and that my family would like to go to the temple with him in one year. He sat there for a second, then looked up at me and said "Ok Hermana Hunter, tell your parents thank you. Can I be baptized this Saturday?" I sat there SPEECHLESS!!! ELMER IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!! I can not explain my happiness!!! I am SO excited!!! I know that soon, the rest of his family will follow. Thaida, the 8 year old told us that she wants to be baptized. We are watching the family come together and make this big step and open the door to eternity together. It is SO happy!! Last night we had a lesson, gave Gala, Thaida BOM with messages, Ever a picture of his baptism and Elmer a BOM in English- hes actually pretty good at english- and evryone was so happy and excited! Then we ate dinner with them. It was amazing how fast I forgot about everything else, and just was overwhelmed with happiness for the Family Luque. I know they will all go to the temple together one day. Keep praying for them!!

  Well I love you all, thank you for the love and support. I want you all to know that despite how hard it has been, I am so happy and would not want to be anywhere else. I know this is Gods work and I am part of His army, and He is just helping me grow.

Hermana Hunter

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