Monday, September 8, 2014

What is this?! A mission or a vacation?!

Well to quickly explain the headline... we were at the bishops house and we were talking to his wife and she wanted to give us money to go to our next cita and I said "Oh dont worry, we have money!" Then she looked confused and I told her how each month we get a certain amount of money for food, laundry, transportation and all that stuff. She asked who cooks lunch for us - we cook our breakfast and dinner- and then she was so surprised that someone does our laundry and she said "que es esto? una mision o un paso?!" We were laughing sooo hard!!! Then I told her that they are some of the little luxuries that we have and we enjoy them. Also, tthere was about 6 dogs chasing us from our door of our house and they were big! and then all of a sudden our neighbor just DUMPS water on the dogs and literally saves us. How great is that?

  Anyways! on to other things. Cool experiences this week! Last monday we were just knocking on doors and we saw a cool one, decided to knock and the man answered, Hector, and he immediately said "I believe God sent you to my door. Come visit me this Saturday. My mom was baptized and is old and not active, but now that you are here, I will take her to church." I was blown away!! So we visited them Saturday and oh man, the mom, Maria is hilarious!! She can't hear very well so we had to YELL everything and she just YELLS back. We were laughing so hard. But she is so sweet! shes 86 and still goin! She also said "I want to go back to church so that I can be healed" SO cute!!! But she and Hector didnt come yesterday so that was sad. 

  Another cool thing, so we havent been able to find Marria ever since she agreed to be baptized and we were up the mountain again trying to find her ad then I told my comp we should jut ask her neighbors if they know where she is. So we walked over and their door was open, we said good morning and then the woman, Lidia just said "Come In!!" AH!! So we did! Turrns out she has had this rreally bad infection in her foot for over a year and cant really walk and her husband, Rene, was in bed and he just got his leg amputtaded. We started talking about the church and they said they wanted to be healed but didn't have the money, the other church said the more money they give them, the better chance they have at being healed. How sad is that?! We then told them, you don't need money. All you need is faith in Jesus Christ. It was amazing! Oh and they dont speak much spanish, they speak Amayra and so their daughter was there to help us. Such a cool thing! We talked about the pristhood and how this is Christ church with Gods power. We made an appointment to go to them the next day to recieve a blessing of health. So me and my comp decided to start a fast that they could be healed. We went the next day with the bishop and someone from the stake and we didnt find them! We were so upset! Also their kids said they would come to chuch and they didn't. 

   Well also, of course we visited the Fam Luque three times this week. Ever asked us to teach eternal marriage so we brought the Family Prroclimation and I whipped out a pretty straight up D&C scripture telling Ever he needs to get married to go to heaven. He undertood after that;) And then Elmer told us to come back the next day. Well we did and he dropped a bomb. He is leaving this week to go work in Lima and he doesnt know if its gonna be 20 days, 2 months, or no return. I literally felt my heart break. We have worked SO hard with him and he is SO ready!! Then on Friday he dropped a bomb on just me. He said "Hermana Hunter, I know baptism is close for me, very close. I know its the right thing. And I want YOUR DAD TO BAPTIZE ME" I just stood there shocked not knowing where that came from. I guess he had a dream of all of you, my family, at his baptism, and dad, you baptized him. And then, he told me he got accepted to Stanford and is coming in Septtember 2016. He even asked me again last night in front of his whole family, and our ward mission leader if Dad, you can baptize him. I just told him, I ll talk to my dad tomorrow. So Elmer is just making things really complicated. He then last night was not budging to be baptized this September. I was so broken hearted. He also said he has questions. so i looked at him and said "You have faith, you know the church is true, you want to be baptized. I have told you, I had questions before too, I asked God and I felt peace and was told I wont know everything, and a lot of questtions wont be until we are with God himself. So, you can put your questions behind and keep pressing forwarrd in faith" Ever then began to tear up! Then Elmer just smiled and said "Thank you"
My comp and I went home and just got so frustrated saying what are we doing wrong? We have had all these cool experiences and then nothing happens. It really is hard. We work so hard every day, we fast, we pray, and it seems like nothing goes well. It seems like everything goes so well, and then your world just crashes down on you, even when you are doing all you can. I realized that this has happened to me before in life. We do all we can, but it seems like we get nothing in returrn. Then I was just praying so hard and I got a confirmation.. As long as we are doing what we know we are supposed to be doing, we are doing all God askes us to do, then its ok. Things may not go our way, but that's because its not our plan, Its Gods plan. Also, the only approval that matters is the Lords. If you are doing everything you know you are supposed to be doing, then the rest is up to God. We have Gods approval when we do whats right, its not that we are doing something wrong, yes we could probably be better, but God knows our hearts, our efforts, our desires. He knows we are working hard. We have His approval, the results are just up to Him and we hae to keep going. I know its hard, but once you can recognize that the Lords approval is what matters, the perspective changes.

  God loves us, we are His children. We are part of His plan. Keep going, keep doing what is right.

  I love you all!!!

   Hermana Hunter 

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