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   Well I have a pretty great surprise!!! So on Tuesday there was a young single adult activity that all of us missionaries went to and we went into groups to go with the "JAS" to visit some people. Well we invited Ever and Elmer and they came!! They came dressed in their sunday best and were looking sharp! Well Elmers surprise for us was actually just super cool pens, but after the activity I kinda pulled Elmer aside and asked him about how he felt being a missionary. Well he started telling me that the experience was beautiful and then he said "Hermana Hunter, I want to be baptized. I want to get married in the temple for eternity." Then I asked him when and he told me that he doesnt want a date right now and just wants to learn more. I then explained to him that he doesnt have to know everything before baptism. Thats the beauty of this church, we are constantly learning! And as members we also have the holy ghost. That also helps us learn because it is a guide and his mission is to testify of truth. After talking he kinda just smiled at me and said "Ok Hermana, I will promise you this. within this change and before you leave I will get baptized." So we are one step closer! But this is where it gets good.. he then said "well why dont you ask Ever about his baptism? He wants to get baptized THIS FRIDAY!!!" My mouth kinda dropped. I then turned and walked over to Ever and my comp and said "Ever when do you want to be baptized?" He smiled at me and said "This Friday. I want to this Friday" So guess what... IT HAPPENED!!!! We had to teach him SO much, but he was just so excepting of everything which was so amazing!!! Then at his baptism Elmer and his parents came! They were able to see him take this huge step. It was truly amazing.
Before Ever got in the water, Elmer was sitting next to me and turned to me and said "What were you thinking in this moment when you were baptized?" I really got to sit there and reflect for a second about my baptism day. All I could remember was that I was surrounded by people I love and that I was just happy and I understood that what I was doing was right. After Ever went under the water and came back up, peace filled the room and my heart was just so full. I turned to Elmer and asked him what he was feeling and he said that he felt peace and that he was reflecting about his life and the future that he wants and then he said "I am thinking about my own baptism" SO HAPPY!!! I got to give a talk about the Holy Ghost and I was just overwhelmed by the happiness I felt that day. 

So yesterday was Evers confirmation and Ever came with Elmer and their 19 yr old brother Nilton!! Nilton is so awesome and really wants to learn more. Well after Ever was confirmed he came back and sat next to me and I asked him how he felt and he said "Hermana Hunter, I feel new. I feel clean, I feel calm, I feel confidence, I feel happy. And I know what I did is right. Thank you for teaching me the word of God" Then as he bore his testimony I noticed that he now has a light about him. He looks different! Last night we went over to their house and Hes just a happier person now!! It is truly amazing. I know that Evers choice will set the way for the rest of his family. I am so excited for what the future holds for them! I LOVE THE LUQUES!!! Have I said that enough?! 

  Ok one funny story. Well we were walking along the road minding our own business and all of a sudden water just gets DUMPED on us. I looked up and there was a man with a bucket just looking at us. At first I was so mad, then I just laughed. Not everyone likes us here! Thats ok. He just made me toughen up and learn how to take it! Plus, it was actually a little hot that afternoon ;)

Oh also- Elmer yesterday said to tell you all that my Spanish has improved a lot in the short time that I have been with them and that your prayers are working for me. He also said "Tell Dan, Kimberly, Brigham, Tanner, Logan, and Maggie I say hi from Puno Peru!" I dont know how he remembered all your names, but hey! He wants to meet you all one day.

Also, we have a Latina in the house!!! I am getting to practice Spanish with her and she even asked me "How much time do you have on the mission? 9 months?" I laughed and told her I am coming up on 5 months and she was shacked!!! She said that my Spanish is super good and that I sound like I have been out for a while. I guess I am the only one that thinks my spanish is horrible! So thank you for the prayers, keep it up! They are working!!!
 I am so grateful for this gospel and the difference that it makes in our lives. I know that it is the only way to eternal happiness. I know that we all knew the gospel before we came to earth and I am just here in Peru to help my brothers and sisters remember the things they already knew. 

I love you all and miss you every day.

Hermana Hunter

1. Luque family!!! Minus a couple. Plus Elder Brey

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