Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ups and Downs

Hi!!! Oh man what a week.
  Well to start off, this week we had a lot of weird food and my stomach is not loving it to much. We have had chuño, sheep head, and cow utters. Yep. COW UTTERS!!! I do not know why in the world they eat this stuff and enjoy it. I am usually adventurous, but I am telling you now, do not try it.
   Anyways, for three days I was in a trio with Hermana Purse who I love so much and a cute little Latina Hermana Olivaras. We had so much fun all together working in each others sectors and learning way more Spanish having a Latina with us! We had a lot of citas which was the best! And all of our lessons went so well! I was so happy that each lesson I was able to talk more and more and more. We even had a really good lesson with Moises preparing him for his baptism and talkng about the importance of keeping all of the commandments. We also taught the restoration the Gina and like 12 of her family members and it started out noisy and not everyone paying attention to everyone being absolutely silent. The spirit was so strong as we talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Then I handed Gina a Book of Mormon and I have never seen anyone light up like that. It was as if we were handing her a piece of gold- it basically is- but it made me so so happy. Then her two sisters committed to coming to church with Gina and her husband and son. It was amazing!!

    Then came the middle of the week... It completely turned around. A lot of our citas were falling through- some of them even just not answering the door even when we were making eye contact through the door. This week I think some festival was going on because a lot of fireworks were going off and then there were SO many parties. One night we walked through a huge crowd of drunk people. I became so sad and even sick to my stomach as I was watching my brothers and sisters making bad choices. The next day we found a lot of passed out people in the streets. Including two of our investigators. We would go to our citas to find investigators passed out drunk. It broke my heart to see this. It opened my eyes to see how truly dark and wicked the world is becoming and how many people Satan has in his grasp. My companion and I along with our District leader and his companion had a very deep talk that night about the second coming and how important our job is right now to go out and literally save lives. 

  This week was hard in other ways as well. Last night we had a meeting and an area 70 came. He was constantly cracking jokes and everyone was laughing and enjoying his message. I on the other hand could only understand a hand full of words and as the meeting went on I just became more and more frustrated that I was not understanding. This whole time I have tried to be so patient with this language and realize I just have to try my best and realize I am not going to know everything right now. But as the weeks go on, the more is expected of me and the more frustrated I become with my Spanish. We even had a lesson yesterday and the woman is so nice, but she told her friend how well my companion speaks and that I know very little. It was hard to hear and I just told them I am learning and I want to understand and I am sorry that sometimes I dont. It is hard when these people tell us about their lives, their worries, their stories and I only understand about 40% I want so badly to communicate with these people and to be able to understand the things they want to tell me. My job here is to preach the Gospel, which I know how to do in Spanish, but it is also to be a support system, a friend, a listener. And it is frustrating when I am not able to be those things. Sometimes I just smile and tell them I love them and that God loves them and I try to be a Christ like example through my actions.

   There is a good part about these trials though, this week I have felt myself become so much stronger in the Gospel. I have felt my testimony grow, and I have literally felt myself grow. When things are hard I have learned to completely rely and trust in the Lord. I know that t is Satan working on me, trying to make me feel like I cant learn Spanish. I need to know how to speak Spanish to preach this gospel, and Satan does not want that. So when I feel sad, that is when I know I am doing the right thing because when I am doing the right things, Satan wants to change that. Remember that Satan will do everything he can to keep us from fulfilling our potentials in life. We need to recognize this and make those feelings of discouragement into power and strength to keep going and overcome the power of Satan. We have the power to overcome him, so do not let him win. I have found great comfort this week saying these things out loud:
  when I wake up and before I go to bed "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
During the day when I might feel scared or not capable or stressed "God is with me now."

I feel Gods love more than ever before in my life. He really does love us. He wants us to be able to return to Him and live in happiness for eternity. Not only do I want to live with Him for eternity, but I want all those I come in contact with and more to live with God for eternity as well. So I will keep on going, I will keep on fighting, I will keep on praying, and I will keep on preaching the true gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  I love this gospel and I know it is true with all my heart. It really is the answer to everything.

   I love you all!! Have an amazing week and keep on fighting!! 
Todo valdra la pensa si mi posteridad permanenezca fieles a la fe. It will all be worth it if my posterity stays true to the faith.

 Love always and forever,
         Hermana Hunter

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