Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am so so blessed

hi family!!!!

  Ok so yo are probably wondering how Moises is doing and when he is getting baptized. Well he has had some problems lately with the word of wisdom and we are really trying to help him out. We had an amazing lesson with him last night. It is hard for me to understand him but last night I had to fight back tears because I had the spirit hit me so hard out of nowhere that the church is true. So I shared my testimony with him of what I was feeling in that moment and told him that I want so badly for him to recieve the blessings that we recieve from this church. It really is incredible to think how blessed I am to have this knowledge that this church is true and that by simply knowing this, I feel so much hope and joy in my life. We have another lesson with him tonight so I will have to keep you updated.

  Well something sad about Gina, we found out yesterday her tumor ruptured and she might be going to Arequipa to recieve chemotherapy. I talked to her on the phone yesterday and just cried with her as I told her to remember her blessing and to always pray and read the BOM we gave her and told her we love her. I am so sad because I love Gina with all my heart and I want so badly to continue teaching her.

  This week with Rupertina we taught her about family history. I cried when rupertina cried as she told us she cant remember anything about her parents, only their names. Her husband remembers stuff about her parents but rupertina is so sick that it seems that everything in life just hrts her, but guess what, she doesnt feel pain when we teach her the gospel. The gospel is THAT POWERFUL!!!

  Ok so the craziest thing that happened this week... we have been really been trying to work with the menos activos and recent converts this last week and we went to visit a man named Leonidis. His whole family are members and they are just the best. they live in so much poverty but they are such fun happy loving people. So we walked in on Friday night and it was just his wife home cooking dinner. We started talking to her and I asked her how she met her husband. Turns out she met him when she was 17 at a park. She lived with her auntafter her mom died at 1 years old. anyways, she met him at a park and rumors started and her uncle told her he did not like the rumors so she had to marry him. She tried running away but couldnt and married him. They have never fallen i love but they have 7 kids and they are still together. It amazes me. Well as she was telling us this story- her daughter Karen walked in and looked terrified. Then she looked even worse after she realized we were there. She said that "papa is home and he is drunk. we have to hide the sisters." I got a huge sinking stomach feeling and offered a quick prayer. We were then taken up this ladder and into a room with a bunch of beds and were hidden on the back corner bed i the dark. They kept telling us "dont be scared dont be scared" which only made it worse! Well we were hiding and Karen is pregnant due any day so she distracted us with baby clothes and ultrasound pictures. Then Leonidis started yelling and we heard banging noises and then Karen would start talking louder and pull out more pictures. We had to hide for a little over an hour and I heard some horrible things being yelled. All I could think that night is how blessed I am to have a mom and dad that love each other so much and to have such an amazing family, I dont have to worry if my dad is going to come home drun one night and yell at my mom. I live in a home where the spirit can be. A home full of love. I thought that night how badly I want my future kids to live in a home where  they feel safe and loved. I also feel so blessed this week for the commandments. So many people think that being mormon is hard because of the "rules" when in reality it makes life so so much better. 

I am so thankful for the life that God has given me. I am reminded of this every day here in Peru. I am thankful that I have been given this experience to change me, to challenge me, and to make me feel blessed beyond belief. 

 I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all your love and prayers

     Love forever
          Hermana Hunter (Casadora)

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