Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Poco en poco

hola familia!! Oh my another week has flown by! Slowly the time has started picking up a little and I dont know how I feel about it!! Having 15 vmonths left makes me feel like I need to hurry up, learn Spanish, and rescue as many people as I can!!

   Speaking of rescuing, we found Moises in a bad state last Monday, but we have had contact with him every day since then and have had some very serious lessons about the word of wisdom, law of chastity, eternal families, following the prophet and repentence. Its amazing how slowly throughout the week we have seen him change. You can literally see it on his face! It is the happiest thing!! He didnt come to church, so the baptism is pushed back yet again, but little by little, poco en poco!!!

     Something really cool happened this week- on tuesday we were looking for old investigators we felt like we could start teaching again and when we were leaving one house an older man with a young special needs girl walked up to us and the man asked "Hermanas why havent you come to visit me in my house?" My comp and I looked at each other and I told the man, well we for sure can! Then we asked if hes baptized and he said no but I can be! It was crazy!! He then told us that the special girl with him was his girlfriend and asked us for bread. So things got a little weird, but I was just so excited that someone came up to us and asked us to visit them! We gave them both pictures of Christ and made an appointment. They were so excited to have the picture and it was the cutest thing! We walked away and my comp kept saying how weird that was but I was so so excited! Well Thursday came when we were supposed to go visit them and all I could think about was the Saratov Approach and how the same thing happened to them before something bad happened to them, I kinda just told myself I was thinking too much about it and then in my personal prayer, I had the strongest feeling that it was not a good idea to visit them. So my comp and I talked and asked our pension if he would go with us so that we could have a man with us. Well then we realized that we both wrote down different addresses for them and all of a sudden the time started flying and it was almost time to visit Moises. I then realized that it was God literally making it so we could not go visit them. I am so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and how not only is it a comforter and helps us recognize the truth, but he also protects us and warns us of danger. It is such an amazing gift and blessing to have in our lives! But we need to live worthily to have this sacred gift! Which leads to the next thing, the drunk man I talked about last time... well we taught him last night!! It was amazing. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end his wife told us "You got it spot on" the spirit guided us in that lesson and Leonidis was touched. He told us that he knows he is lost and wants to be forgiven and come back to church. It was the neatest thing! 

  We worked a lot with less actives again this week. One of them, Hermana Faltima is the cutest. She said that she was praying to be a light to her family and one day the elders showed up at her door and she knew it was an answer to prayers and she was baptized. Well she kinda fell away when she had a baby with a man she wasnt married to and then her baby died at 4 months old. She then had another baby and she is 6 months old. The father left her and now she lives with her mom. We visited her for a long time and just listened to her story and how she feels like she can have a second chance in life by coming back to church. We talked about the plan of salvation and how if she makes a change in her life and does the right thing, she can be sealed to her family and live with her babies forever! She started tearing up and told us that she wants to make a goal to go to the temple with her mom and baby. Oh my I felt my heart starting to swell! I was so so so happy!!! 

   Also, the family valecia that we have been trying to get to set a civil wedding date so they can be baptized finally set a date!! Well, first week of August, but still! It is a big step!!! We straight up asked them, "When do you want to be an eternal family?" That really set a spark in them!!!

   This week I am so grateful that my parents were married and sealed in the temple and set that example for me and made it possible for me to be with them forever. I want so badly to have the same for my future family. Temples are so special. The people here have to sacrifice so much to go to the temple. The closest one is in Bolivia. I am so blessed to have had a temple so close at home and to spend so much time there as an ordinance worker before I left. I have been thinking about the covenants and blessings that we recieve in the temples and it has given me so much strength. I want so badly for the people we are working with to have the amazing experience of going to the temple and becoming a forever family. 

  As for Spanish... I have had 6 members tell me that they can tell it has gotten a lot better! Two of our less actives this week said that they thought I had been out for a year because of my Spanish!! I am so grateful for these tender mercies and to see every day the Hand that the Lord has in my life. I see little miracles every day and they make the struggles so worth it!

  I love all of you so much! Thank you for your continual love, support, and prayers

love forever and always,
        Hermana Hunter

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