Tuesday, June 24, 2014


"We did our studies in bed with some hot ecco- mormon coffee- its too cold here not too. and we have concrete floors so this is what happens"

Hi everyone! Oh my goodness best week ever!!!!
Well to be honest I was expecting this letter to say it was the worst week ever... because.... I found out that my companion had to go back to Lima and that Hermana Purse and I would be working together alone... we are both learning Spanish and in training still!!! We both just put a smile on our face and decided that this week was going to be our test and that we wanted to ace it! Well on Tuesday I got sick around 4 and I tried to keep pushing, but it got to the point that I felt I was going to pass out and throw up so we hurried and got a taxi and I got back to the house just in time. The peruvian food isnt always nice to us... So that was the beginning of the week.. then came Wednesday! Our first appointment was with a woman in my wad that we later found out has a bit of a mental challenge. Hermana Purse and I sat there as she went off about the most random things and didnt even understand most of it, afterwards we just laughed and decided to say a prayer that the day would go better. Well it did! We had a lot of citas and the all went SO well! One of them was with Kempis y Sandra. We decided to teach the resteration- forgot how to spell it in english- and we went into detail about the priesthood. It was amazing. Kempis talked about how he knows he needs to be better and wants to be able to bless his wife with the priesthood. Well then Sandra said that its hard to be a member at times and that our visit was what they needed and she felt so much better. I almost cried I was so happy! It was the best! The whole week everything just seemed to work out for Hermana Purse and I. It really made me realize that God is so aware of us. He knows us, and HE LOVES US! He has blessed me so so so much this week. 

   I also got a blessing this week from my District Leader because I felt prompted to do so. I alsways feel nervous for asking for one because I feel like I have had a lot- 2- since I have been a missionary. But when you feel promted... ACT! It was amazing. I had my testimony of the priesthood strengthened this week. My blessing addressed every single thig that had me worried. God really talked to me and just told me to keep going, and He will take care of the rest. To be honest, sometimes it is so hard to keep pushing, especially when we get rejected so hard by so many people, but somehow the Lord puts something in my path every time that makes me want to keep going. Missionary work is amazing.

   Yesterday we just contacted like crazy and we really strongly felt that the Lord guided us to these people when they needed us the most. One lady even had a black eye and was so scared whe we approached her, never ssaid a word and when we asked her her name she started shaking with fear. We just bore our testimonies about the Plan of Salvation and told her that God led us to her for a reason. We even had four investigators at church yesterday!!! Moises said he was coming, but never showed up. It was sad, but we arent giving up on him. We also had to drop Elbia. She read the Book of Mormon and knows its true, but said she doesnt want to change. Its sad, but we just keep on going!!

  I have felt SO much love from my Heavenly Father this week. I love sharing the truth to my brothers and sisters here in Peru every day. It is the best feeling in the world, even if they dont accept another appointment, you know that you planted a seed, you have done all you can, and the Lords approval is all that matters. I love being a missionary!! I have never felt so happy!

  I love all of you!!! Thank you for everything!!

    Love forever and ever, Hermana Hunter

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