Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Adventures continue

Hi everyone!

  Well just a fun fact- we were in Juli on Saturday which basically is in Bolivia and super close to Chile. Its so crazy when I realize things like this and I think- oh wait... thats right, Im living in PERU!!! It still amazes me and I am so grateful to be in a place that is helping me grow and to realize how blessed we really are. Also, we were sitting on the beach of Lake Titikaka and all of a sudden it started SNOWING!!! Oh my- we all just freaked. Then we have been having thunder and rain storms! Its sooo weird to think you all are in Summer while I am freezing my toosh off. It was ZERO degrees the other night when we were walking around! Oh my, it has made some things a little crazy thats for sure! Also because people make it an excuse to bail on our citas tambien, they wont even come to church because "Its too cold and Im scared" Gotta love it.

  Well two things, one I went on splits with Hermana Rasmussen who is our Hermana leader and all our citas bailed, but we had such a fun day together! I got a sneak peek into the life as sister leader. We had to run to the hospital for an hermana thats sick, calls from president, emergencies here and there... oh man it was crazy! I loved getting to see how things work and am so appreciative of the amazing leaders here who care so much! Hermana Rasmussen and I got to have an amzing talk about the atonement and how it works. I love when she said "Sometimes we go through life just wanting to do things on our own, but then we look back and ask our Father in Heaven- where were you? I needed you so badly! Well He was there the whole time- reaching out to us. There are so many times where He just wants to hold us and cuddle us, but we dont let Him! Sometimes we just need to turn to Him and let Him hold us."  We CANT do everything on our own. Thats why we have the atonement!!! so USE it!

  Also, just so you all know.. Elmer and Eber are doing great! We had an amazing lesson with them about the plan of salvation. At the end I invited them both to be baptized again, well the one that said yes was EBER! Hes the one we thought we were gonna have to work on! Elmer is the one that reads the Book of Mormon bastante! Its crazy! We were not expecting that! But it was the sweetest, when Eber said yes he just pleaded with his brother and told him "Elmer, I know you are going to get baptized and I know you will make an amazing leader in the church" Elmer just turned to me and looked me in the eye and said "Like you said Hermana Hunter, baptism is the first step to being clean and a better life filled with so much joy and love- but I just want to know more!" He reminds me so much of me! Not liking going into things blind- which is something I have had to learn to do. Put all your trust in the Lord and seguir adelante con fe. But I know he will get baptized, I have no worries! But please keep both of them in your prayers again this week! Eber also turned to his mom and started pleading with her just "Mom please, this is the right path- we have to do it together" Oh my- my heart melted. We were all in tears together just filled with the spirit. Eber is amazing and so filled with love for his family and wants to take this step together. I am so grateful for them! Then Eber asked to say the prayer and just pleaded with the father for his family then said "I know they will" I am amazed by his strength! Im telling you- I LOVE this family so much it hurts! We have transfers next week and I dont want to leave them! They give me SO much happiness and I feel so privleged to be their missionary. So as for now- we are preparing Eber for baptism next week and Im gonna work on Elmer tonight;) with.. HERMANA PURSE!!! yep- we are comps again this week! last week of our training and we are left to have another test! But I am so excited. I know that us two can get Elmer together tonight! but PLEASE PRAY FOR US! 

   I love you all. I know this church is true. I see the light in my investigators as they are living the gospel. I see the light dissappear when they are not. But when they are- they are just so happy. I love this gospel. I know its true. Live it.

   Love always,
Hermana Casadora

"Hermana Rasmussen and I went to work helping hermana constantina chop wood"

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