Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh my. Oh my.

"Coming to you from LAKE TITIKAKA!!"

OH MY!! I literally dont know what else to say.

   Ok so, first, as you all know, I have been having some health issues, well it actually got worse and I was having pains that were like charlie horses in my stomach and I still went out and went to work, but it was hard! I was told I had a pendisitis or intestinal inflamation... well we figured it out.. intestinal infection. yep! But Presidents wife has given me medication and I am doing a lot better so everyone knows!! Thank you for your concern and prayers!
 Something funny.. last night we were walking home and out of nowhere in the dark comes a creepy clown!!! Like what in the world?! tHEN IT STARTED HITCH HIKING!!! I was so scared and just told my companion to run. I turned around and he was coming closer just waving at me! Oh my.. sometimes Peru is SO random in the creepiest ways! It makes life so intersting here.. I love it.

   ANYWAYS, WOW. Oh my. Well two weeks ago we contacted a young 28 yr old man named Elber that has been to church before and then stopped coming and we invited him again and then just left. Well one day we were walking by and I felt strongly that we needed to go back. Knocked on the door, his younger 23 yr old brother Elmer answered and knew exactly who we were. We talked to him for a little and he was just SO nice to us. Like usually people here arent that nice to us so it was really exciting. Well we got a cita with him then left. We had our first lesson with them on Wednesday and WOW. So it was Elmer, Eber, their mom Gala, their cute 8 yr old niece, and then aunt and uncle that live somewhere far away, but anyway, we taught them the restoration and man Satan knows they are an awesome bunch.. Phones ringing, door being knocked 100000 times, then... the uncle.. satan has hold on him! He was saying all this stuff like Jesus Christ already suffered for us so we really dont have to do anything, only churches ask us to do things like keep the comandments, not God or Christ. LIES!!! He also talked about how its impossible for anyone to see God. Oh I wanted to just cry! I felt myself burning up, just burning with testimony wanting to tell this man everything I know, but I cant say it ALL in Spanish! So I just sat there and said everything I could. I told them that we know God is so powerful, Christ suffered and died for us, this is incredible! Why couldnt he appear to Joseph? Thats just too easy for Him! I told them that I too thought, this is just too incredible and that I had to kneel down in sincere prayer and just ask for confirmation of Joseph, the Book of Mormon and the Church, I felt weird doing it because I have grown up believing it, but I wanted to REALLY know. I got my answer, clear. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER- DAY SAINTS IS TRUE!! So I shared that experience that I had with them and then we sat in silence and ended the lesson. It was SO cool! We had to fight to get the spirit back, but it came back!!! We then met with just Elmer, Eber and Gala the next day and just talked about all their questions. Oh my. Elmer has read books by prophhets, listens to talks on mormon channel, looks up temples on google earth and LOVES the Salt Lake temple, me too! Oh my. then they told us that their younger brother is on a mission! WHAT?! Their brother is the only member of his family and Im sure he has just been praying for this day. We invited Elmer and Eber to be baptized this month on the 26th and they are pretty sure that they have their answer.. YES! Also, Elmer yesterday kept quoting me on things I have said to them that have helped him SO much. It feels so good to know that I am helping make a difference in their lives.
 Please keep the Luque family in your prayers this week. Especially Elmer and Eber. I am SO excited for them! I can not describe the happiness I feel when I am with them. I have an overwhelming amount of love for this family. They were exactly what I have been praying for, the motivation to keep going and to know we are making a difference here in Huayna Capac. The amount of happiness and love for these people and this work I have felt this week is amazing.
 I can honestly say I have never been so happy in my life! I love being a missionary!!!
 I am so happy to have the truth! I am seeing people change and families come together right before my eyes and it is miraculous. I love this Gospel and the joy it brings. Even Elmer said how he notices how happy us members are. Its because we have the truth! 
Oh ALSO, we had NINE investigators in church yesterday and three less actives! HAPPIEST WEEK!!! 
 Everyone, the church is true. The gospel changes lives. I have seen too many miracles and had too many confirmations to deny this, I will never deny it. The Church is true!

Love forever,
    Hermana Hunter

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