Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Guess who's staying in Puno

"Purse and I trapped!!"


PS transfers are today and Im staying in PUNO!!! but Hermana Purse is leaving me! So sad! But so hyappy to be working in Huayna Capac for at least 6 more weeks

   Yeah its been a non stop party for Peru here for the past three days and today is supposed to just get worse. Also everyone is getting married because July and August are like the "lucky" months to get married so there was a HUGE party outside our house until 5:30 in the morning- the earplugs are coming in handy!

  Well this week I sadly dont have much spiritual things, but I do have lots of fun stories! Hermana Purse and I were comps again and oh wow. So we are all sick- the whole zone I kid you not. We are all so sick with colds and coughs and we cant get better in this cold and in cold houses!  But its fun to suffer together ;) Anyways, Hermana Purse and I taught a lesson and after I felt like passing out and so we went to the capilla to grab some water and sit down for a little and then when we came out of the bathroom... we found ourselves trapped in the capilla!! all doors and gates locked!!! We just started busting out laughing SO hard. So we went and said a prayer and prayed that someone would come by the capilla. Well we sat in there for a good two hours and nothing had happened and we were mission appointments! Well we finally found a spot in the church where someone on the outside could see us and we could communicate through the gate. Well no one wanted to stop and help the two greengas.. Then we found one man and he let us use his phone and we called the hermana leaders. So emberassing but SO funny!!! We finally got out after HOURS and I guess the bishop had just gotten locked in there until 3 in the morning- so we arent the only ones!

 Next, me and Hna. Beckstead were walking to an appointment and we were walking past the military base and as we walked by the watch tower, she smiled at the man inside and then we heard this super loud gun cock!! Needless to say, we just started booking it. We almost got shot for smiling! Imagine that. But we are unharmmed so it gets to be a funny story.

  Well next, we were walking up this street next to one of the parties -in broad daylight too- and this drunk man started walking towards us just yelling stuff like "hermanitas lindas!" well this happens all the time and we can always just walk right by them because they are so unstable. Well not this one! He started charging after us! So we started running! Then he gave up and so we started walking again and then he ran after us again! Then I stayed behind as he chased my comp and so I started crossing the street, then he saw me and started running after me! I had to BOOK it! Oh my I was laughing so hard. I literally had to run so fast to get away from a gross drunk man! Well all the people that saw were also loving it, just laughing so hard. Oh man. It was hilarious!

  Besides that, this week was pretty slow and a little disappointing. Saturday was going to be the baptism of Elmer and Eber, but they went to their cousins wedding, but they promised to be at church yesterday, well they never came and so we went by the house last night and found Elmer a little not himself.. there was obviously some partying at the wedding. But he was still saying things like "I want to serve a mission, get baptized, and be married in the temple!" It was so strange. I didnt even notice at first that he was tipsy so I was joking around with him saying that I had a transfer to Puerto and he got so sad and grabbed my arm and started begging me not to go. Thats when things got a little weird. Then he was saying "Im just so happy to see you, you are my angel" Yeah not the Elmer we know. I mean hes always friendly, but he knows the boundaries. I was SO sad!! He knows better! Satan is the worst. He knows he is going to be an awesome member in the church. But I know we can help him. He wants this! I love the Luque family so much. Im not going to let Satan win them over! I wish so badly you could all meet them. They are like my best friends. Our lessons are very spiritual, but SO fun. So please continue to pray for them, put their names in the temple, and even fast for them if youre looking for a reason to fast this sunday. Together, we can make this happen.

   Something I learned this week and that President talked about is attitude. We dont have control about a lot of things that happen, but one thing we do have control over is our attitude. It can be hard, but life is so much better when we CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY: The hard things seem a little easier, time goes by a little faster, and life is a lot better. Besides what happened this week, I just chose to be happy. It really makes a difference. So choose to be happy this week!

I love you all!!!

Hermana Hunter

"happy Peru day!!"

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