Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grateful even when things go wrong

   I hope everyone had an amazing fourth of July!!! The fourth had a whole new meaning for me this year. I guess you dont realize how truly blessed you are until you are thrown into the most humbling situation. Here we dont even have floors in our house and we walk around in dirt. I am so grateful to have been born in the US and the things I enjoy there. People here have told us that sometimes they wonder why they couldnt have been born in the US and speak english. Even speaking english has become an amazing blessing in my life!! On the fourth we dressed up in our red white and blue and sang american songs all day and we were feeling SO proud to be Americans! We got some funny looks, but thats ok!
Well this week started out super cool. This man named Rafael walked up to us while we were sitting in front of the capilla waiting for district meeting and told us that he has always wanted to visit this church. He has a nephew on a mission and he said that "This is the most organized church I have ever seen" well yeah... Its Gods church!! We were so excited and got to teach him the next day about the restoration. Well, we tried. He LOVES to talk. It took two hours to say what we had to say and get out. It was cool though, he is studying about the Presidents of the US and knows a lot!! He also said he has looked up BYU and is amazed with it! He talked about how police men have searched the living there and never found one drug, alcohol, or cigarettes there. He was so impressed and we left him a BOM and he was so excited to read it! Well later on this week we went to visit him again and found out he actually is out of our sector.. so now we have to give him to the Zone leaders. SO SAD!!! We know he is going to get baptized and it kills me! But hey, it is out of our hands and thats the way it is!
So update, on the fourth we went and had our last lesson with moises. We talked about the difference between faith and true faith. True faith is acting. He isnt acting and there isnt anything else we can do for him. He kept saying he has faith, but I told him straight up, well now you have to act on it. Then we told him when he wants to act on his faith, come to church, keep his committments, then we will come back and visit him. Then all of a sudden he told us that he hasnt gotten an answer about the church and that he has doubts about eternal marriage. The true him came out and it broke our hearts. Its sad to see someone so close and then Satan just takes over. But we keep praying and hoping things will change. Theres a reason he has had the dicussions for four years!
My companion and I decided this week that we think our job here is to help the less actives. We have much more success with them and feel the spirit a lot stronger. We even had NINE come to church yesterday!!! So amazing!!! We are also working with the elders really hard to help this ward. Peru, I LOVE IT, but they really need help with the way the church has to be run. Another thing all us greengos were grateful for. So we had an intense consejo and I stood up and said that It is our job as members to love and support one another. To leave church feeling better than when we came in. To love the less actives, and to befriend the investigators and make sure everyone has a positive experience at church. Church is where we go to find peace from this world and to feel loved, but we cant do that when we arent supporting one another, judging, spreading rumors, and sitting with our little clicks. LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Show Christlike love. There are too many less actives because they are not feeling loved at church. Search for service opportunities, HELP the missionaries! This is a great need everywhere.

  Ok last story- so the other day we were walking and I was getting ready to cross the street and took almost half a step and all of a sudden a car comes flying out of nowhere! I didnt even see the car, but felt this strong force pull me back and out of the way of the car. Well it wasnt my companion that pulled me back. She kept saying " you should be dead. we should be in the hospital" Well I was protected. I am so sure that it was one of those moments that I literally had a guardian angel with me. I felt so peaceful after while my comp was flipping! Yes it was scary, but it is so great to know that I really am being watched over and that I really do have a forcefield around me as I was promised. Dont worry, I will still be careful! But i know Heavenly Father is so aware of me and of ALL of us. Well I love you all!! Have an awesome week!!!  

love forever and ever,
     Hermana Hunter

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