Thursday, November 20, 2014

elections, flu, temples. what a mix

my favorite little jungle kids!! 

Oh my what a week.

Well, tuesdsday and wednesday were full of amazing experiences!! We worked SO hard!!! We had a visit from our hermana liders and I got to go out with Hermana Chipunavi, from Bolivia. She is so funny! It was so fun to learn from her and get to have a different feel in the lessons. I had two experiences that really impacted me.

 1. we went to a less active that we have only visited once named Betty and we walked in and she was a little different. Then her monkey started going crazy and I was trying to start the lesson... only in the jungle. Well she then said "hermanas i am gonna leave now to the city." so I asked her if we could leave her with a prayer and she kinda just looked at me and didnt respond and then i asked "or we can just come back tomorrow?" and she said " hermanas, its better that you just dont come back" i was schoked. my heart sunk!! I just had all these thoughts in my head like "no! this cant happen! she needs to raise her kids in the gospel, go to the temple, have a forever family!" Me and Hna. Chip. just started testifying to her and she wouldnt look at us. Then I said "hermana, can we please come back?" and she said "bye hermanas, nice to meet you." and stuck out her hand to shake our hands which here, you greet everyone and part ways with a kiss on the cheek. We walked away and I felt as if I just watch my sister walk into a dark path. As missionaries it is so amazing how you can litterally feel things and even though i barely know betty, i so strongly feel that she is my sister! It hurts!!! But I am just praying and praying for her and I want to go back in a couple weeks when maybe she is more calm

 2. we have a less active couple that we are trying to help with their papers to get married, they are almost all done, but now for some reason they want to hold off. NO!!!! Their names are Hans y Jovanna. Oh my. I LOVE Jovanna. She wants so badly to do what is right. She wants to go to the temple so badly. Our branch is going to the temple in December and so her family is going to get sealed, but if she doesnt get married, she cant go in with the rest of her family, or her own kids and husband! I feel such an ergency to help them so that they can go to the temple.  Well we decided to read a talk with them about why the temple and the ordinances are so essencial in our lives. Its by Robert D. Hales and it is beautiful! It talks about the pioneers and how they new they needed to be endowed before making the rest of their journey and how it helped them overcome trials and challenges. Then it goes into forever families. Oh my the spirit was SO strong. I started testifying to them about my temple experience and that covenants really are so essencial and so beautiful and help us in every day of our lives. Then i testified about how much a forever family means to me. Oh my. it was amazing. Hna. Chip. also gave such a powerful testimony! Then Hans was going to tell us something and then said "ah, i just lost what i was going to say" it was so frustraring!! we were so close to getting something out of them. But they both kinda bore their testimonies of the gospel and it was so special. Jovanna shared that her non member sister waited outside the temple while the rest of the family was inside. She started to get teary then we were both in tears together. I then told her that I dont want to see them waiting outside the temple, I want to see them inside making covenants with God.

  I can honestly say that was one of the most powerful lessons ever. Then a couple days later Hans saw us walking and bought us Inka Kola and chased us down to give it to us. SO cute! There was a little change. I know that we can help them progress now. Just kinda had to give them a wake up call;)

 Well that night we went out to dinner with the hermana liders and well... the next day i was regretting that. Yep... sick sick sick!!! it was such a bummer!! But I got a blessing from the distict leader who heard i was sick and then came straight over. It was so nice! 

 So Peru had elections yesterday. Everyone has to go back to where they were born and you HAVE to vote. Also, we werent allowed to have church. yep! thats a law too! no meetings on election day. which meant no conference. So in the morning yesterday while all of peru was voting, us and the elders played uno. ha! it was fun. yesterday we kinda had to stay hidden in houses for my safety as a gringa on the craziest day here. It was kinda funny.

 Well, i want you all to know that the misison is easily the hardest thing i have ever done, but I am so happy to be here. Every day I feel a change inside me. I learn something new everyday. I become more and more grateful everyday. I understand Gods plan for me more and more every day. I love the gospel more and more every day. I truly realize what life is all about. And I now understand what the important things in my life really are. I am so thankful for this time I have to be here, to learn, to grow, and to become more of the girl God wants me to be.

  You are all amazing. Thank you for supporting me here. I love you all!!!

Hermana Hunter

Uno with the elders and our "mommy"

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