Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just call me Jane of the Jungle

bananna chips!!

Hi family!! im alive.. i dont have a lot of time so I just wanna share with you what happened today

So we got invited by some members to go to their chacra o monte, or in other words DEEP JUNGLE. they grow bannanas and pineapples so they have huge property in the jungle. So we traveled for 2 hours in a "moto car" (sorry mom) its in one of these pictures. anyways we got their and we chopped down pineapples, bannanas, and went fishing and then made ourselves lunch with all of it. SO FUN!! we also studied our scriptures out there which was so awesome. so then after lunch we decided to go explore. We brought machetes and water and decided to go for it. So we are walking on the trail, enjoying the jungle, the trees, bugs, and then we thought " hey, we should go off the trail into the deeper part of the jungle. no path will be so cool!!! total Indiana Jones!" so we did!! well it was pretty cool, but the deeper into the jungle we went, the more anxious i felt, like not very safe. We then got so deep that we were cutting our way through with these machetes and trying to press forward. We then decided to go down  by tis little river, well we went down and I was right behind Moises, one of the members and we found ourselves in a pile of HUGE fire ants that bite "fuerte" anyways, so we run out of that situation. The other two hermanas and my comp are screaming, tripping, and I am just jumping over things and didnt care about the other spiders and jumping bugs haha. then Moises said "you like the adventures dont you? youre not afraid of the bugs and getting dirty. your husband will love you." I laughed and said "I grew up going camping and hunting with my dad and brothers, I am an outdoors girl for sure." Then I thought, wow, all of that really did help prepare me. these other girls think they are dying! so we kept walking on, then we had to cross a narrow log that was SUPER high up above the stream to get to the other side to hopefully find our way back, it was so scary crossing it and I did it without screaming like our other friends;) and then we kept walking and it seemed like we kept running into dangerous obsticles. Finally, we found our way to the path again and it was a wave of relief!! We had been in there for an hour! 

So on our way home I was thinking about how we thought it would be so fun to go off the path because the jungle just looked so much cooler off the path, then we got lost, ran into challenges that were a little scary, and how I was just feeling unsafe the whole time. Well thats life! We are on the path, living the gospel, doing what is right, then we get tempted. Something that the outside world offer can seem super cool, but once we get off the path, you run into other dangers, you dont feel good because you dont have the spirit, you feel lost, and it can be hard to find the path again. It is so important to stay on the path! and when we waver a little, do everything you can to get back on the path, because the farther away from it you go, the harder it is to come back and the more dangerous it becomes. 

 We have the gospel, we have the path set out before us, we have to make the decisions that will help us STAY on the path. The path is narrow, but dont lose it. When we are on the path, we have the spirit, He will help us along our way. Dont get stuck in a pile of ants or have to cross a super scary log or get lost. Keep that ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE. 


Hermana Hunter

me and my friend Niko the mono!!!

going off the path....

the scary moment...

our hot ride

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