Thursday, November 20, 2014

Im Going To The Jungle!!!

Maria, 86, cant really see or hear, tells us to read her the BOM and we have to yell it.. shes lo maximo

EVERYONE!!!!!I IM GOING TO THE JUNGLE OF PUERTO MALDONADO!!!! IM GOING TO BE WITH THE MONKIES!!!!!!!! It isnt even a stake there! They are all branches. My new companion is Hermana Valenzuela from Lima. I travel tomorrow so I will tell you more next week!! I am so so happy about this. I am shocked! But the adventure continues!! I have loved these past three transfers here in Puno, but I am so excited to meet those humble people there in the jungle! HACE COLOR!!!! bring on the heat!!! But really, its 120 degrees there right now with humidity...ouch!! big change! Im also very excited because my friend Elder Tosch Truman is in Puerto as well! We are going to be in the same zone! 

Well, this week, we visited a lot of members to strengthen them and get better relationships, it was a great experience. We talked a lot about family history and why it is so important. I have had some cool experiences with my family history here on my mission. I have read stories,looked at photos and searched for new family and as I have been doing this, I have felt their presence from the other side of the veil. I have felt them push me as I feel like I need to sit down and take a break, they have saved me from these crazy drivers.. remember that story? And they have helped me feel so grateful for the gospel and how truly it is the most precious thing we have, the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that God is hastening His work here on the earth, but also in the spirit world. But heres the thing, God needs US to hasten the work on the earth, but also in the spirit world. Do your family history, I promise you it is an amazing experience and it helps you feel so close to the family we never had the opportunity of meeting here in this life. Its also true, Satans influence is not as strong when you are doing this work. I have grown to love family history and I hope you all do as well!

Cool experience, me and my comp were walking home the other night and we found this tiny little girl and she was crying, we asked her what happened and if she needed help and she said she got home from school and has been waiting ever since and her family had not gotten home. It was 8 at night! So we took her with us to find her house and figure things out, well she hadnt eaten since breakfast so we got her food and took her to her house.. which is right on the lake and its SUPER dangerous. There were drunks and passed out people and scary dogs..oh and it was hailing and lightning and thunder.. no wonder she was so scared! Her family wasnt home, but we eventually got her with some really nice neighbors. We walked away knowing that God had put us in the path of this 7 year old girl. 

 Always follow the promptings of the spirit, God is going to put you in the paths of people who need you when you wont even expect it. Always be worthy to recieve the promptings of the spirit, he is a necessary guide and teacher. Pray for the spirit every day. Work for him, listen to him, act on his tiny promptings. You will be overwhelmed at how many things He will do for you and say to you everyday. I love this special gift from God, please just remember to work for his presence and remain worthy of him always.

I love you all so much. Ill be emailing from the JUNGLE next week!!!

Im the real life Indiana Jones!!!

   Hermana Hunter

SOPPING WET!!! snow, hail,and rain!!

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