Thursday, November 20, 2014

transfers are always a surprise

the triunfo hitch hikers

Hey everyone!. Well today was transfers! I have never had a transfer go by so so fast! Its crazy! Anyways, my companion and I thought we were both safe for one more transfer here in Puerto together, but our district leader called and changed everything. We really thought he was joking because he began with "both of you have a change" and i thought what?! i just got here!! Well he told my comp she is serving in a little pueblo close to Puno and then said "Hermana Hunter, you will be training a new missionary" Oh my.. I was not expecting that. I still cant belive it! I have 7 months out in the mission, but I still feel like a baby out here! I am so nervous, but so excited to have this amazing opportunity that not many missionaries get here in this mission. I know that not only my President has trusted me with this assignment, but also the Lord. And I trust in them as well. Just pray for me!! 
  Well this week a lot of things happened and it was pretty rough! But I have learned so so much this week and I am so thankful for that. On Tuesday we had a cita with some of our investigators, Maria y Milagros. Well Maria, the mom, wasnt there so we just taught Milagros. Shes 15 and just the cutest. Well in this lesson Milagros told us that she prayed and she got the same feeling that she gets every time we teach. She said it was a feeling of happiness, but it was a different happiness that she has never felt before and its through that, that she knows the church is true and feel in her heart that what we are teaching is true. I was amazed at this 15 year old girl! Just so confident in what she was saying and that she sincerely looked for an answer, recognized it and wants to act. She even asked me "how do I get baptized?" Well I told her to start by coming with us to church on Sunday and she told us her mom said she needs to go to the catholic church and that kinda threw everything off. We then prayed that her mom would soften her heart and that both Maria and Milagros could come to church. We called Milagros Saturday and she said was allowed to come, but that Maria didnt want to. Well we went to pick up Milagros yesterday and no one was home and the neighbors said that they had traveled to the monte (deep jungle) I was so sad!! But I know that maybe right now isnt the time for Milagros to be baptized, but one day she will.
 This week we were invited over to one of the members houses for lunch (lunch is the big meal of the day) and oh my. it was SOO good. we were there with the elders as well. it was so fun! then we had to walk a long way back to the bridge to catch a bus, so jokingly i put my thumb out acting like i was hitch hiking and this man pulled up in a moto car and said "jump in! I will take you back to the city!" it was sooo funny! so we all hopped in the back and rode back. the elders said "we need to walk back from triunfo with you more often!" ha. it was my first official hitch hiking experience.
 Remember Hans and Giovanna?? well they have to get married. They want to progress, but cant until they are legally married. 6 Different sister companionships have worked with them! Well me and my comp had said that we wanted to teach in the way that the prophet and all the counselors spoke to us in this last conference (yes i finally watched it! and in english!) STRONG and DIRECT! Here, the people kinda need it. so I wont go into detail, but this lesson was absolutely incredible. There was no beating around the bush and trying to be all mushy with them. It was straight up. Their faces said it all. They finally understood. But... Hans said he wanted more time. He wants do do whats right, but now is not the time. Before I could even think the words came out of my mouth.. "Hermano Hans, this life is not a game. The time to do the right thing is NOW" The spirit really helped us in this lesson. It was amazing. We felt the impressions and we acted. We didnt listen to the impressions and say it in a different way, we just spoke. The way it ended broke our hearts when Hans said he just wants to be "perfect" before getting married. We testified so strongly. I wish I could say it all, but this lesson really impacted me. After the lesson my companion and I both needed to just sit down. We were heart broken and literally spritually exhuasted! We sat down by the river and just broke into tears. As missionaries we can literally see the potential people have. What God sees in His children. It is easy to see the distinct difference between lite, and dark, right and wrong. This is a blessing, but in this moment it hurt so bad! This family knows whats right, but they just will not do it. To know of their potential and the blessings they are missing out on literally breaks my heart. 
  I want to testify this week that God lives. The church is true. This gospel is perfect. It is the only way back. Satan is so so strong right now. I see it every day and it breaks my heart. But I do know this as well, God lives. We are His beloved children. He has provided the way and it is up to us to live it or not. When we dont live it we are simply lost. But when we do live it, we can so clearly see how true it is and how much joy and hope it brings us in this world. Every day if we are doing our best to do what is right, every day it gets easier and easier for us to see the path set before us. Every day, try a little harder to be a little better.
 I love this gospel. I love missionary work. Some days I feel like I just cant keep going, but each time I make it through. The Atonement is real. Use it
I love you all! I will be in Cusco until Saturday so it wont be so interesting next week, but pray for me and my new hija!! 
Hermana Hunter
My first coco agua experience!! its nasty.... i dont know why they love it

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