Thursday, November 20, 2014

milagritos.. little miracles

"kiss the frog! he will turn into your prince!" catching frogs with some ninos

Well this week was a good one! We have been working HARD! It feels so so good. My companion is doing well with adjusting to missionary life, everyone takes time, but she is handeling things really well. 

So our week did start off a little rough. Tuesday at lunch (our pension is a restaurant) this man was just staring at us and then asked if we were from America. He started speaking in English and said he was from France. He asked me what we were doing here in Peru and I explained the whole missionary thing. Well... then he went off on a rant on his beliefs in not believing in Christ. It hurt so bad to hear someone talk that way. Then he started going off about the states and saying horrible, not true things about the army, the people, the government.. a lot of things and even started threatening. Then he started attacking us for being gringas and the rant ended a little like this "Get out of here. GO HOME. No one needs your help. No one needs your money. You selfish gringas. Just go home" I told him "enjoy the rest of your lunch" and i turned around. My comp was in tears and it was just a rough moment after all the nasty things and even some rude hand and finger actions. I realized in that moment.. that man did nothing but strengthen my testimony and make me more grateful for the life the Lord has blessed me with. I am thankful for these hard moments that in the moment are heart breaking, but just make me stronger.

Well we were in a trio for a couple days with Hermana Nelson and it was fun working in the 2 sectors getting to know each others people and learning from one another. Well it was really awesome. This week we saw even more suffering. Emotionally, temporally, spiritually.. everything. It is so heart breaking to see people like this. The jungle is a rough life! It hurts a lot when you just LOVE these people so much. But we had a theme going this week in every lesson.. the answer to solve all this suffering is to make sure you study the Book Of Mormon and say your prayers every day. As an individual AND (this is KEY) as a family. This makes miracles. The spirit is in the home. There is more love, peace, patience. Your attitude changes,, you are more HAPPY! The "endure to the end" part of life- which is the hardest part- becomes easier. You have God on your side helping you through everything.. when you do these things. Of course going to church and keeping all the other commandments is crucial, but if we dont read and pray, the rest dont happen as easily. Some of these people have such testimonies of this. We went to a married couple that has two kids and they just arent getting a long right now and we asked them if they are reading the BOM and praying together.. they said no. We asked them what life was like when they did. They said "there was a lot better communication in our marriage when we were reading and praying together." .... yep. there you go! It is something so simple, but like elder Oaks said "JUST DO IT!" Miracles, MIRACLES come to pass when we do these two simple things. Our desires to be better are stronger. Our understanding of the gospel and its importance are a lot clearer. Everything is just better! The people out here progress in life when they read and pray as individuals and as families. It will do the same for all of you. Do not miss a day. It is something so crucial in these times. I am so thankful my parents made our family wake up early in the morning to read and pray. It taught me just how important it really is. DO IT. 

Milagros came to church yesterday! She loved it. She was just so cute and has so many questions so we are gonna go this week and explain every little thing to her. We took her home after and her whole family was at the house. They were super friendly, as always, but still not wanting to listen. Poco a poco! Milagros is the most amazing 15 year old girl. Just craving to learn more and listen and in church she asked "Hermana Hunter, how old do i have to be to be like you?" I asked her what she meant and she pointed at my missionary plaque. I was so filled with joy! and I told her 19, and that she would be the best missionary. I am so thankful for her. She teaches ME! She told us this week she doesnt hang out with friends from school much because they dont do good things so she likes being with her family. She is gold. Before I didnt know how i felt about letting her get baptized without a family member, but I feel like she is just progressing so fast. She answered questions in Sunday school perfectly! ahh i just love her. Yesterday I just thought about my friend Rachel Cornelison. She was a 15 year old girl looking for the truth as well and now she is on a mission, even though her family wasnt being taught at that time she was, she was faithful. Joseph Smith, searched for the truth at 14 years old and stayed faithful. Why not Milagros? I am so proud of her. She is amazing.

Well my funny side note is that on our way to Triunfo in the bus, we stopped at a stop light and the bus jolted forward and when it did that.. the little kid sitting in fron of me leaned over and hurled all over my foot. Yep. I was just proud of myself for not vomiting.

I love you all so much. I love being a missioanry. I am just so happy! It is hard, but I see miracles every day. Miracles that are so small, that they turn out to be huge. I love these people here. I feel attached to them already! I love this work, and I love this Gospel. 

love always,
    Hermana Hunter

happy halloween!

we had time on halloween to go grab some ice cream to celebrate

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