Thursday, November 20, 2014

Im a mom

Elder Justin Jensen and I !!! so fun to see a friend

Hi everyone!

Well this week was mostly in Cusco, but I have some fun things to say. So i traveled all day tuesday and got to Cusco tuesday night and I got there and Hermana Arroyo, Hermana Hoskins, and Hermana Purse were all there in the Cusco house waiting for me and welcomed me with a tackle to the ground. It was so fun to see the Hermanas from my group! I just love them so much. Hna. Purse had a change back to Puno! And Hna Arroyo and Hoskins are training as well! It was so fun to catch up. Well Wednesday I got my hija! Hermana Whit from Washington. She is so cute. She wanted to serve in the Jungle so she is loving it here in Puerto. It is so fun to see her just love the people already and want so badly to communicate with them and they are being so kind to her so I am so happy! We got to go contacting in the plaza in Cusco at night and it was so fun. I told her to lead me and to start up every conversation and she looked at me all scared, but then did it! Its so awesome having someone so new. Its just all this excitement which makes everything so fun! 

So we got back here to Puerto on Friday and got right to work. My heart broke. We started visiting all of our people and they all completely opened up to us and everyone is suffering. I really dont know what happened, but its like this dark wave of problems hit puerto. Everyone is trying to look for jobs, family members dying, people in need of phsycological help, husbands hittling their wives, hearts hardned to the message, struggling for food on the table.. everything!!! My companion was just in shock of the suffering here. We even watched as Hermana Luz told her children that she wasnt going to cook didnner because there was no food left and the dad hadnt gotten back from fishing, which is the only way they can eat. My heart just broke more and more every visit we had! But something amazing happened. It seemed that, for the most part, everyone realized they were in need of our visits more than ever. Even members are asking us to come visit them to help strengthen them. My heart was so touched this week as some of our less actives that have not been to church in MONTHS came yesterday and some even brought non member friends! As much as it hurts to see everyone suffer, it was so happy to see poeple like Giovanna come to church with her kids. One experience that really touched me was with a 20 yr old girl named Judith. We got our first visit with her and asked her why she got baptized and why she doesnt come to church. She wants to come back to church, but her parents dont have a job right now and she had to quit studying to take care of the kids during the week and then she works on the weekends to help her family. It broke my heart. We had a powerful lesson on enduring to the end and then she offered the prayer. After the prayer she was in tears. She then opened up telling us what really was going on in the family, but asked us not to share with anyone. It broke my heart into pieces. But she was touched and she is going to try and come to church next week.

 Something funny that happened.. we were talking with our pension yesterday and Tom asked my comp is she has a boyfriend and she said yes and told him that he is waiting for her. Tom then looked at me and laughed and said "hermana hunter, all of your comps have had boyfriends waiting for them at home. you dont! do you get sad?" I looked at him and just laughed and said "hermano Tom I am not worried and no I am not sad I am on the mission." Then he got all serious and started to say to Karen and my comp "Hermana Hunter is a very special girl. As I get to know her I realize she is one of the few girls that is super fun, but is also spiritual and she isnt crazy. She is just a good mix." Then said "Hermana Hunter, dont worry, the day will come. You are a super cool girl. Just try and hurry up and get married when you get home before something bad happens:" I am still a little confused but to me it was just the funniest thing that has happened to me. Hermano Tom likes giving me life advice. Then i teach him how to live the gospel;) I love them. They are like our little family out here.

  I love these people so so much!! I am so grateful to be here serving. I am so grateful to be a missionary in this time. It is a hard time to be here on this earth, but the Gospel is our anchor to hold us still in all the storms of life. I love this gospel. I love the mission. I am more and more grateful every day for the many blessings I have. I love all of you. Read, pray, go to the temple- Its the little things that make enduring to the end a little easier. Its a crazy world, but be strong. Thats what I learned this week.

I love you all!

Hermana Hunter

my investigator has a Utes football!!! WHAT

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